In the year of 1997 a 7 Members team from West Bengal were took part in 3rd National Kickboxing Championship at J.N. Stadium, Cuttack, Orissa. Under the leadership of Sensei Montu Das as the representative of West Bengal. In the Year of 1999 we (KAWB) had first State Kickboxing Championship at Rajasthan Bhawan, New Alipore ,Kolkata. Under the able leadership of Sensei Montu das. In 2005 KAWB got the Recognition from Bengal Olumpic Association as the only State Kickboxing Association is Promoting & Controlling the Kickboxing Sports in our State.

When the Traditional way of Karate became less attractive Full Contact Karate {now Kickboxing as a Sport in USA in early Seventies, the fighters had to learn through a process of trial and error. Came from the ranks of raditional Karate or other Traditional Martial Arts, and when they fought full Contact bouts certain short comings and defects became apparent They discovered that they or conditioned as they had thought and struggled to fight 10 rounds in the Professional Ring. / tired easily and lost their techniques and the fights became scrappy affairs. The Full Contact discovered to their dismay that their punches and kicks were not as effective in the ring as they. This was largely due to the fact that traditional martial artists are trained to pull back their puff instead of driving them in with impact and force.
In order to develop Kickboxing and to improve the sport, kickboxers turned to the training, fighting techniques of Western Professional Boxing. The pioneer of Full Contact Karate fighters the boxing gyms and learned all the secrets of the fights, game, sparring with Boxers and being Boxing Trainers. Boxing training techniques and strategies were therefore incorporated in to and sport of Kickboxing Kickboxers begann to improve tremendously and their techniques became they became much fitter and better conditioned than ever before. The Kickboxng bouts became packed and exciting than Boxing. The dynamic modem version of Kickboxing had arrived on the sport circuit and was expanding and spreading allover the world..

Today's kickboxers are stronger and fitter, faster and better conditioned than ever before due to modem scientific training technique, as well as the equipment and facilities now available to their fighting art continues to expand and grow rapidly in popularity.


World Association of Kickboxing Organizations (WAKO} is the world's leading amateur kickboxing WAKO conducts Kickboxing competitions in Semi, light and full -Contact. Low & Thai Kick Fi Musical Bare Hand & Weapon forms and Aerokickboxing.

WAKO-PRO (World Association of Kickboxing Organizations-Professional) is promoting World Title as International Kickboxing bouts. Today,. over lO,O000 Professional Kickboxers worldwide comp contact sport.
The organisations headquarter is presently functioning in Milan, Italy, under the directionn of the Dr- Ennio Falsoni.


Engineer S.S. Harichandan a well known Karate & Wushu expert from Orissa, Eastern part of contact with Dr .Ennio Falsoni, President of WAKO in 1993 for the first time from this great count Isac, Md. Abid, etc. from India also contacted Dr. Falsoni later stage and advised to contact Ennio However Mr. Soleman never turned up but Md. Abid shown his interest to ~ the partner of to represent WAKO in India. They mutually formed 'Kickboxing Federation of India’ (KFI)